Transport agency, Dili

I remember getting my driving licence in Timor. That was quite an experience. As you can see all the records are kept on paper which makes it incredible that they can find anything at all among those piles of folders. I lie, they actually lost my records once but I was smart to have saved all the receipts. Being a foreigner certainly gave me lots of privilege. I literally just entered the office and stood there saying nothing (I actually couldn’t yet say anything in Tetun at that time) and office clerks came up to me themselves and offered help in broken English. Pretty smooth I’d say, since all the locals were standing in the non airconditioned outside in a loud disorderly crowd which you couldn’t call a line even by the lowest line classification standards. Nevertheless I had to pass a driving test during which I drove my car on the habitual right side lane like in my country which made my inspector quite agitated but didn’t prevent me from passing the test. It was an overall positive experience likewise my whole life in Timor.


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