Berlin Nakroma and Dragon Boat, Timor Leste

Disembarkment after a trip from Oecussi

Berlin Nakroma is the only big passenger ferry in Timor Leste presented by the German government. It commutes between Dili and Atauro and Dili-Oecussi.

In the head picture out can see people disembark after a trip from Oecussi.


Berlin Nakroma at the Atauro pier

The ship is visibly old and the working load on is very considerable which makes it not the safest way of travelling due to very low security standards like the  lack of proper safe boats on board. Because of this many international organisations like Australian Volunteers etc. forbid their staff to take Berlin Nakroma when going to Atauro or Oecussi opting for small private water taxi moto boats or even small airplanes. There are also Dragon Boats though, which are called “floating caskets” due to their passengers’ zero chances of surviving any major accident in the sea. I felt extremely uncomfotable inside the Dragon Boat which had been originally produced for river navigation exclusively. Needless to say that international staff eschew Dragon Boats as well.


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