A parrot and a boy


First parrot seen in Timor in 2,5 years and not in the wild. Generally speaking animal world in Timor is very poor, partly due to its isolated location and partly due to ubiquitous human activities. There isn’t a single corner or mountain slope in the country where you wouldn’t see thatched roofs. I’ve only seen a monkey in the wild once – in the farthest Eastern district of Lautem near Tutuala. It’s shocking considering how wide spread monkeys are in other Asian countries like Cambodia and Thailand where they literally sit on the roads. Poor hungry people of Timor cut, kill and eat everything they cat find giving zero fucks about the future of their own tiny fragile land.

All the forests around Dili and other big cities are desert-like with nothing left but butterflies and rare birds, but the latter are widely hunted upon so it’s not for long. There is absolutely nothing interesting to see in these forests – sad but true.

Nature conservation measures and human activities regulations are much needed in this country with fast growing population, otherwise all these tourist brochure advertisement phrases about “untouched pristine land”, “secluded paradise”, “unspoilt and undiscovered” will be just words having no relation to crude reality.

Let me put it this way – they already have little in common with the reality and a lot of efforts have to be put into making them square.


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