Churches in Timor


What really strikes me while traveling around Timor is when you ride through some deep countryside, with peaceful hamlets without electricity and proper water utilities, terrible roads and malnourished kids and then suddenly you stumble upon a huge concrete church, more of ten than not quite new or under construction. You’d be surprised to know how many churches and capelas are under construction or massive renovation at the present moment.

What I’ve seen recently – almost done a church in Betano, an impressive big church in Natarbora (and this is on the South Coast – the least populated area with the worst roads!), brand new church with a dorm in Soibada (dorm renovation is still in process). In Dili they are building a new church in Aimutin, a new one in Becora – both pretty large. And all these works are funded by the government while the majority of the population doesn’t have access to normal education, healthcare and water supply, let alone well balanced food. I think this situation is not normal and the church must be separated from the state politically and financially in particular.

The church in the picture is located on the way from Baucau to Venilale.


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