Australia day in Timor, 29.01.17

A very warm and cheerful gathering took place on Jan 29 at the Area Branca beach in front of the Beachside Hotel to celebrate the national Australian holiday – Day of Australia.

The food was free and OK but not wow (pretty standard Aussi snacks – sausage rolls, meat pie, lamington and a weird variation of Pavlova), the drinks were cheap, the weather was perfect. Catering services were provided by the nearby Beachside Hotel which I for one have long considered a pretty good place for it’s freshly made food, consistent quality and good service thanks to (of course) foreign management. The place is managed by Australians which is really obvious. Neither indonesians, nor Indians or Timorese haven’t got hospitality and service skills any close to that level.

The sandwiches are arguably the best in town due to fantastic exclusive Turkish bread. Salmon and cheese sandwich is my personal favourite.

The only thing I disliked there was a bacon salad which left me hungry and perplexed.


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