Maubara, coffee point at the beach


This seafront coffee point at the Maubara beach boasts a neat location but utterly fails in using this competitive advantage. Coffee here is below average, home-made cookies aren’t fresh, menu is very small even for a coffee shop.

I believe there’s just one fair explanation here – local staff which have been managing it since its opening. A couple of years ago the Government with some NGOs or embassies gathered and built lots of new faciliries in Maubara like a local goods market, a restaurant in the Fort and this coffee point. Can’t say anything for the market but the restaurant and the coffee point are both failing badly from a tourist perspective. I was so enthusiastic about supporting local businesses in Maubara and returned there many times. All I recieved was poor quiality, bland taste and constant lack of products. 3 times I went to the restaurant and 3 times they could offer me but one dish from the menu not even having local fish. But that’s what I am looking for – local restaurant selling local food. And they’re in Maubara which is on the coast so why is it an issue to find a constant fish supplier?


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