Catcalling in Timor

I’ve watched this video recently and it really hit close to base. That guy interviewed in the middle of a big American city is nonchalantly catcalling the passing girls in front of the camera thinking it’s normal. In Timor catcalling is not considered a problem apparantly, since nobody seems to be concerned  with it but I see it every day in the streets particularly among youngsters.

What makes Timorese situation a bit different is that guys will never proceed to catcalling or other forms of misbehavior  while they are alone. Lone guys are quiet, shy and humble. But when in groups or better to call them gangs their behaviour changes drastically – they become noisy, destructive and stupid. And I find 3 main reasons to this.

  1. inclusion into a group is crucial for a young Timorese. This nation is very communal and I cannot imagine a member of Timorese group dissenting the group’s initiatives
  2. Timorese parents don’t actually look after their children very carefully and don’t take time to bring them up. Children are given to themselves and allowed to do whatever with the only requirement being to go to church. As a result the upbringing of the majority of teenagers is very poor and inconsistent and completely ignores good manners. After 2 years of living close to Timorese families I feel like these poor uneducated people mostly don’t really understand what to teach to their kids and how.
  3. most of the teenagers in Timor have got no useful occupation all day long and get bored. A bored teenager in any country is the main cause of many problems.

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