Huge jeep in the lobby of Hotel Timor


Imagine you finally arrived to this wonderful hospitable country of Timor Leste and chose to stay in the most expensive and poshest hotel in town Hotel Timor. You’re ready to pay more for the comfort of your stay and can afford it.

But what a surprise – the next morning when you go down to the lobby to enjoy a coffee with fresh pastry you stumble upon an enormous bright red 4WD car, displayed straight in the middle of the tiny lobby. So now you have to carefully squeeze youself and your suitcases between the car and the column trying not to scratch it occasionally (the car not column).

Welcome to East Timor – land of the unexpected and not always in a pleasant way. We have our own ideas of how comfort should look like.

On a serious note through – for god’s sake why organise promotion of a new model of a car for tourists who only pass by and will soon leave the country? What’s the point?


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