New business center ETO Plaza near Jardim 5 de Maio in Dili, Timor Leste

pb204796Walking on one og these days I spotted a new big construction site which promises a massive project under the name ETO Plaza.

I googled and found these nice looking 3D pics (they all look nice).

Judging by the board, we’re talking about Indonesian investors, specifically Wika.

As any this medal has got 2 sides – investors are always good, it means they believe in Timorese economy and expect to return their investment in the forseeable future.

But the architecture… Are we really going to see this concrete & glass monster amidst the cozy 1-2-3 storeys neighborhood? If you look at Dili from the mountains which surround it from all sides you may notice that Dili is a very even and green city which makes it so lovely. The only ugly bulge is the Ministry of Finance, which has absolutely nothing good about it. Even Timor Plaza isn’t that prominent.

Now the secong ugly out of place hump is on the way.




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